World Oil webcasts and webinars are in-depth presentations on oil and gas applications, trends and technology. Moderated by a World Oil editor and including technical experts, these events are focused on providing qualified engineers and professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry with the latest information pertaining to offshore and onshore exploring, drilling, completions and production.

Achieve Sustainable Gas Exploration and Production to Advance Energy Security

May 17, 2023
Sponsored by: Aspen Technology
Natural gas remains a readily available, low-carbon feedstock, providing a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions vs. traditional liquid hydrocarbons. However, it’s critical to optimize operations across your assets’ lifecycle to offset threats of sustainability and energy security. Join World Oil and AspenTech experts as they discuss how innovative digital solutions support end-to-end gas exploration and production, enabling your teams to: • Efficiently delineate and find economical natural gas producing opportunities • Accelerate time to first gas • Lower the environmental footprint of development • Maximize asset utilization by optimizing production Register now to join the conversation! Learn how you can leverage digital solutions to meet the increased demand for natural gas.

The Only Path to Rapid Decarbonization is through Digitalization and Automation

May 10, 2023
Sponsored by: SLB, Rockwell Automation and Sensia
Oil and gas companies across the globe are quickly adopting energy transition strategies to align with government regulations and public sentiment towards meeting net-zero goals. Technology can play a major part in rapidly implementing these strategies. This panel discussion will look at the positive impact of digitalization and automation on this journey and provide real-life use cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of adopting this approach in reducing the carbon footprint of your operations across the oil and gas value chain.

Balancing Energy Security, Affordability and Sustainability

May 09, 2023
Sponsored by: Aspen Technology
Disruptions in energy markets, lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict in Europe – all have added to the Energy Trilemma. Digital solutions are playing a critical role in identifying pathways to address the dual challenge of meeting the growing need for energy and resources while reducing emissions. Please join Vice-President of Content of Gulf Energy Information, Lee Nichols, Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and Dr. Paige Marie Morse, Sustainability Advisor at AspenTech, for a panel discussion moderated by Ron Beck, Sr. Director Solutions Marketing at AspenTech, as they address a range of topics, including: • How the last 18 month rebalanced the narrative of energy security and sustainability • How digital technology fits into the industry transition and balancing act • The implications for the Inflation Reduction Act’s “carrot” approach as opposed to the “stick” Attend this free webinar and get actionable ideas for how your company can address the challenging balancing act in today’s energy markets. There will be a Q&A session following the event. We encourage you to join the conversation by submitting questions when registering.

Integrated CO2 transportation and injection

April 19, 2023
Sponsored by: TechnipFMC
CO2 transportation and injection systems are the critical conduits that move captured CO2 from their sources to permanent underground storage locations. These systems will vary in size and complexity, but most will include some form of CO2 analysis, treatment, compression, and monitoring. During injection operations, fluctuations in upstream capture composition and volume will happen in parallel with downstream changes to store behavior. To actively manage this end-to-end variability, the transportation and injection system needs an integrated, automated control system that links upstream process control equipment with downhole instrumentation. In this webinar, TechnipFMC and Halliburton will provide an overview of their integrated CO2 transportation and injection solutions and explain how client value can be created through system integration.

Oil & Gas Forecast 2023

February 22, 2023
Sponsored by: IPAA, Universal Pressure Pumping, Oil States, WOM
Now in its 97th year, the World Oil Forecast is one of the upstream oil and gas industry's most trusted sources of projections and data relating to global E&P activity. Utilizing data collected from proprietary surveys of governments and operators in the U.S. and worldwide, this definitive industry report includes projections for spending and activity, worldwide drilling and production, and an analysis of political factors impacting the U.S. and international oil and gas industry. Now, more than ever this information will help market leaders make decisions relating to their businesses.
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